Tate talks provide an informal space for artists and designers to discuss the social and participatory relevance of their work and relationship with objects, experience and meaning. The experience and meaning of home is morphing in the techno-human age. Home is no longer a fixed space. We shop at home and work from home, making it a residence, retail and work environment. Might better understanding the lives of the home-insecure and displaced, and drawing inspiration from their thoughts, work-arounds and frameworks, help us glean meaningful insight into just what home means to all of us, now? NEIGHBOR GAP BRIDGE: Presentation in collaboration with Plymouth College of Art, UK:TATE Gallery Talks, March 2019, Tate Modern, London
 Tate talks provide insight into how artists construct ideas and meaning. Artists discuss the social and participatory relevance of their work.
What are the signifiers of home?
Coworker and inquirer Plymouth College of Art, UK

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