NeighborGapBridge — Home
Scaffolding Safe, Secure, Spirited Space for all of us
Whether it’s a bird nest, beaver lodge, mansion, refugee shelter, shopping cart or psychological habitat, the idea of home is embedded in human consciousness. “Home is home, and everything else is not-home.” Partner with Safe Place for Youth. Work side by side homeless young adults right here in our Otis neighborhood. Radical reimagining and future shaping of home as a cultural concept, in this wall-less, mobile classroom. Do Less, Learn MoreCo-Workers: Blanka Domagalska, Loyola Village Second Graders, Safe Place for Youth, David Hertz Architect, Robert, Plymouth College UK
Who am I?  Where am I going? How do I get there
Don't panic. This is is a safe space for design students to figure out who you are where you are going and how to get there. Self knowledge is the key. Cool tools and out there exercises make this dreaded inquiry ok and effective. Leave this class with a Career Pathway Map, and Action Tools (of course we build a website ( :) to get things done. Find your design squad. Think: Human Centered Design Meets You. 100% guarantee that you can confidently answer these three questions (who you are? where you are going? and how will you get there?) when your parents ask at winter break. You've got this one. Fall: Level I, Spring Level II
NeighborGapBridge — The Quiet Revolution
The Secret Power of Introversion to Transform a Turbulent World

24 / 7 News. Unrelenting Social Media. The Buzz of Gossip and Vitriol. When loud is the norm, silence is a revolutionary act. Join the QUIET REVOLUTION, where solitude is a catalyst for innovation. Looking for: thought-leaders, thinkers and social designers to make new spaces, art, product, motion, wearables, toy and communications to mitigate a turbulent world. Shhhhhh! Vibe: Quiet, Chill. Local. Experimental. Radical reimagining, repurposing and future shaping, in this wall-less, mobile classroom. Bi-weekly "Liminal Events" shape knowledge building. Co-Workers: Blanka Domagalska, Loyola Village Second Graders,
Play: As a Tool to Shape Design, Product and Experience
PLAY has the ability teach us to adjust to ever changing circumstances and strengthen our learning environment. It shapes new context and restructures our relationship to the world. It makes us responsive and reflexive and increases our ability to pull together disparate bits of information into a new creative whole—an innovation cornerstone. Core Instructors:  Robert Jerry Jankowski, Piuola.  Co-Worker: Patricia Kovic
From Theory to Practice: Arts Equity in Action: Community Arts /Teaching Internship 
Students intern at K-12 schools, museums, galleries, cultural organizations, or with socially engaged artists and designers to expand and reflect on their understanding of education theory and community engagement.
Otis College Contingency Curriculum: Emergency Learning Lab
How does an educational community sustain itself in times of distress? Disasters strike when we least expect them and we cannot anticipate where we will be when they happen. The Big One could leave 250,000-400,000 quake refugees in California. Otis College Creative Action (CAIL) contingency curriculum.
The Quiet Revolution
Play as a Tool in Product Design
Educational Theory Meets Practice
creative Action Emergency Learning Lab

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